Do These Residential Stairs Meet Today's Building Codes?

For vacation we rent a beach house that belongs to one of my cousins. The house was built in the early 1990s before SC used a meaningful building code. The one set of interior stairs make a 180 degree wrap-around, but do this without a landing. Halfway up, four of the wooden stairs have very large triangular shape… sort of like a giant spiral staircase. As you climb or descend the stairs, each of these four treads makes you turn 45 degrees. The stairs work well, after getting use to them. Saves space by not having a landing. The rise and run of the “normal” stairs is ok.
Would this design be acceptable under today’s building codes?

Here are plan view type photos, stating at top of stairs:

It probably depends on which code you are talking about. The Alberta Building Code permits winders in lieu of a landing, but there are some requirements about handrails, depending on the width of stair.

I suspect winders are a bit dangerous, especially for those who have had a few drinks, because the treads taper down to zero at the corner.

California Building Regulations permit winders, but specify a minimum width at the narrow end of the tread. Handrails are not mentioned here, but perhaps elsewhere in the California Regulations.

Thanks, BA. These stairs have a handrail on one side. With size 15 feet, I pay special attention to all stairs.