Does anyone dabble in the wild, wild west of Cryptocurrency?

I don’t (!!!) and, reading about the fraud that went on at FTX and, just this morning, learning that Celsius’s “terms of use” policy (read contract) meant that in the event of bankruptcy, depositor’s assets became the property of Celsius! WTF? Apparantly, it’s true, nobody reads those terms of use policies. :rofl: Read more:

Bad news for thousands of crypto investors: They don’t own their accounts.

So, does anyone dabble in the wild, wild west of . . . crypto? I’d like to hear your personal experiences.

Search YouTube for videos of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger discussing Bitcoin and crypto currency in general. Crypto currency, and gold for that matter, are non-performing assets. You should put your money into things that generate income, like stocks and bonds.

If I did find a need for crypto currency, I would store on my own, local, protected and backed up hard drive. The Cloud is not secure enough for financial stuff.

I’ve watched videos of those two crusty old goats bash cryto, so I know.

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Yes, I too have dabbled there…. I keep everything I have off the internet.