Doubling Smaller I-beams in a Bearing Wall Removal Project

I am replacing a bearing wall and have calculated that I need either a W8x14 or W6x20 I-beam but I am losing precious inches of headroom. Is possible to double 4x9.50s I-beams side by side and get the same support?


Assuming the dbl, 4x9.5 beams there are a couple of other “POTENTIAL” solutions.

Bury a deeper beam within the floor, or wall above. It’s more work, but work eventually ends, and you will forget all about it after a while enjoying the room with all that open space.

Also, how are your connections? Did you design it as a moment frame? This might increase the carrying capacity of the beam enough. DON’T neglect the design of the connection, & columns.

Above is a snippet.