DuPont Arc Flash Study

There was an arc flash paper that said:

"Therefore using the tables is a compromise at best. There was a study done by DuPont on arc flash events at their facilities and they concluded:

  • having no PPE resulted in injuries 100% of the time
  • using the NFPA 70E tables resulted in less than adequate PPE resulting in injuries 50% of the time
  • performing a study to determine actual incident energy levels resulted in proper PPE and no injuries"

Where can I find that study? I’d like to reference it for training and to emphasize the need for an arc flash study.


The data comes from this IEEE paper:

Published in: 2009 IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop

This paper will provide a field analysis of the performance and overall effectiveness of arc flash protective clothing and equipment in real world arc flash incidents, and an understanding of the applicability of existing ASTM standards to protective clothing testing for these types of incidents.

Above is a snippet.