E- Bike Experiences

Looking into getting two of these. Anyone have any experiences or suggestions they can share?

Can/have you rent an e-bike to get a feel for it? A lot of touristy area have them.

Don’t dress in black jeans and black T-shirts. Don’t get a chain lanyard for your wallet in your back pocket. Ditch the bad-ass biker presentation in general.

Somebody across the street from me did not follow this advice. It looked funny as hell.

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I’d love to see a picture of that. :rofl:


You would need to see a video of it. Making the video would have been evil.

A friend who has multiple artificial joints (2 hips, 2 knees) has been riding for 3+ years. He says an electric bike has been a game-changer; excellent way for him to get frequent, quality outdoor exercise. He rides until tired and can depend on electric power to get him home.

Consumer Reports Magazine has a good bit of general info that can be read without a subscription:
Electric Bikes

A couple of fairly expensive models Consumer Reports likes are:
Electra Townie Go! 7D! $1600
Raleigh Retroglide 2.0 IE $2150

Lower cost models are available. My friend likes bikes by “Rad Power Bikes”.

@ RevDesigner: You just broke my bubble! 🥸

@ sliderule: My wife had two knee replacements in the past three years and the graduated exercise would be great for her. I have had two small stroked in the past 18 months, so the same for me.

Looking at 750v/ 15.2 amp minimum for a greater potential range, fat tire, step through in the 1.6 to 2K range.

Lots of choices on the net, but few if any in the shops to test ride.

There is a shortage of bikes from what I can fathom… manufacturing and distribution related like so many other things.

Going to a local bike shop later this afternoon to see some in the “flesh”.

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FYI… Drove through Seattle yesterday and about 50% of the bikes I saw were e-bikes - pretty popular here with the younger ones - always looking for an easier way… :thinking:

Looked at folding Rad Minis yesterday. Maybe…

On the low end, the motor is barely enough to overcome the crappiness of the bicycle it is attached to.

On the high end the performance is decidedly non-trival. To the point that people who do not actually know how to ride a bicycle properly can and will get themselves into trouble.