Earn SimpliEngineering Champion badge and Win US $500

Win US $500 by being the first one to earn the SimpliEngineering Champion badge.

Invite 5 engineering friends/colleagues who join and become members. Here is a little write-up on the badge the site awards:


Good luck.

I’ll claim this. So far, I’ve brought at least ten new members into the fold:


That’s awesome!

However, the competition is to be the first one to earn the Champion badge. If you double click your profile you’ll see the Invite link.

Well, yeah. Obviously, in addition to the $500, I’ve also won myself a Champion badge, right?


If you click the upper right hand corner “hamburger”, and click Badges, you’ll see no members have earned the badge.

The site awards tons if badges for various activities which is pretty nifty.

I’m the brand new owner of SimpliEngineering, and am amazed at everything SE does. This fun competition is to motivate members to invite new members.

Thanks again.

Its easy peasy task for me. I have here in Nigeria about 20-25 Nigerians working with me. One request and all of them will oblige

Now my prize money please !!


All are welcome. :slight_smile:

However, the first to earn the Champion badge from SE wins the cash!


I wanted to add if the engineers that work for you ask intelligent questions, definitely invite them. This site already has 300+ very knowledgeable and helpful engineers. Any engineer, or engineering student will get good advice and counsel.

As you are thinking about who to invite, absolutely include those junior engineers and engineering interns in your office. They will be helped, and learn a great deal here.

Following up on the Champion badge rules, the key is getting 5 other engineers to become “full” members. A “full” member in this forum software package equates to Level 2. Here is a page which shows how the software is written to attain these levels:

Additionally, if someone jumps to Level 3, they automatically become Level 1 and 2 qualified. I really love how as someone becomes more trusted using these forums, they get more rights and tools with the community.

I was awarded the Campaigner (not Champion) Badge this morning:


So, I have 3 invitees that became basic users. @KootK has 11! That’s freaking awesome!

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David, I just read a message from you and happened to noticed that you are at trust level 0.

Well, there may be some truth in that number. Hilarious. I love this site. :)

The contest is a great idea but, as I’ve told Doug in the past, I feel that what you really need here is a concentrated social media push to garner awareness, probably on LinkedIn. You’ve got oodles of great question answerers here; what lacks is the question askers.

I’ve got 13,000+ connections on LinkedIn and most of them are engineers. I was previously planning to announce SE on my LinkedIn quarterly or something. I’d be surprised if an effort like that didn’t net 50 new uses a pop and LOTS of awareness. If I were you, I’d push your leadership group to do something like that. To date, I’ve not heard a peep about SE other than original email invite that I received.

In modern times, word of mouth is just too damn slow to get things where they need to go. Be aggressive! Be be aggressive!

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