Easier Renaming

I’ve been working on a project that involves renaming a good sized Catia job (690 files) to a specified naming convention. My problem is, the assembly/part names currently follow no rhyme or reason (plate1, gusset1, etc.) What I’ve been doing involves using Save Management and renaming each file to the designated naming convention, then running a macro that names the part/assembly in catia to the filename. Does anyone see an easier way of going about this?


What I’ve done in the past is to update Part Numbers in the assembly first, and then run a macro to save all the documents in session according to their part numbers. That method seems more efficient to me. To take it a step further, it’s possible to create a macro in (or talking to) Excel to do something like the following:

  • Read out the existing part numbers into a spreadsheet, say into Column A.
  • Review and update the part numbering, say into Column B. This allows quick visibility of the whole data set.
  • Push the updated part numbers from Excel back into Catia.
  • Save all the files according to their new part number.

What approach to use depends a lot on just what the numbering convention is. On my current project, we have a requirement that the tree structure is reflected in the Part Number, so a flat (Excel) list would be less useful. Here it’s more expedient to update all the Part Numbers in Catia alone. But, we’re also using a PLM system that helps out with managing both Part Numbers and File Names.

Above is a snippet.