Emergency stop programming on Fanuc200iB

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I have a Fanuc 200iB that uses an RJ3iB controller. I have done some basic programming to learn how to use the robot but now I need to write a production program.I have a sensor that indicates if the door is opened or closed. I want to make the program such that if the door is opened during cyle,the robot stops,much like an emergency stop button.Any information would be appreciated as I am very new to programming.


On that controller, there is indeed dedicated (and dual-channel) I/O for “emergency stop in” (this is the dual-channel input from external emergency-stop devices), “emergency stop out” (this is the status of the robot system’s own E-stops on the teach pendant and the controller panel), “auto stop” (disables automatic-run but allows operation with the teach pendant), and “servo off” (disables servo motors no matter what).

What you need is a dual-channel circuit from the robot controller “auto stop” to the safety switch, which has to be a safety-rated dual-channel device. It will do exactly what you are looking for without any programming necessary. The E-stop system also should not require any robot programming.

If you are in the USA, look up ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 and if you are in Canada, look up CSA Z434-03 - these standards cover robot installations. The nuts-and-bolts of your particular robot interconnections are in the manual.