End Fittings for Hose

We want to order a 1/4 inches double braided hose SS304 with end fittings as carbon steel A194 2H galvanized NPT hex male at one end and Carbon steel A194 2H galvanized socket weld 3 piece female union (stem + nut + female) at the other end. But the manufacturer is offering end fittings with A105 instead of A194 2H. Please guide me if this is acceptable. Also, the manufacturer is offering the female end with female NPT instead of socket weld end because with a galvanized SW, during welding the chemicals released due to galvanization is harmful.


Not acceptable.
2H specify 24 to 35 HRC hardness and have specified carbon of 0.40 - 0.50. A105 has lower carbon (0.35% max) and correspondingly lower strength (70 ksi minimum, equivalent to ~79 HRB min). A would look for a different supplier who can give you the appropriate 2H fittings for your application.

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