End of semester fun

This is my first end-of-semester experience when I don’t have a summer to sort out all the issues - academia is fascinating. Putting the work of 3 months during summer into 2 DAYS before spring semester starts is going to be an interesting challenge.

Now accepting all donations of scotch, unless it is peated, and then NO THANKS.

I hereby pour you a virtual two fingers of Coscto scotch.

2 days before spring semester starts?! Spring sem. starting before the holidays? Blasphemy! More scotch for the lady here, barkeep! Keep 'em coming.

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Agree to a point, some peated scotch’s are quite drinkable - although a little different on the taste buds, the Balvenie 15 YO peated is pretty good.

Once your mind is sufficiently “lubricated” with volatile liquids, perhaps you’d be willing to say what could possibly be so fascinating in academia?

I ran my own company for 8 years. I spent most of those years fighting clients to get paid, dealing with the IRS losing my paperwork, and trying to stop clients from cutting parts out of my reports that they didn’t like. The investigations themselves were interesting but often monotonous. It was time for a change.

Academia is steady work, a much better paycheck than any engineering firm ever offered me, generous time off, and I’m helping the next generation of engineers become professional and productive. No lubrication required for that answer.