Eng-tips.com finally gone?

Tried loading eng-tips.com this am and it errors out. I knew that Dave was talking about the site possibly going down if he was unable to buy it back. Guess that might be the case?

It’s a shame… it was a really good engineering site. There’s a lot of inerttia involved in getting a new site up and going… as you’ve likely noticed here.

It seems to be up and running…


I had just copied the message I was getting this morning to post here concerning the same

Eng-Tips - Error


Yeah, I got the same error this morning.

That didn’t take long.

" Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain

Try it again, it’s working for me.

Take my word for it… he’s dead.


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Eng-Tips loads ok for me in Internet Explorer and MS Edge browsers, but errors out in Chrome and Firefox. It used to work just fine in Chrome.

I am using Chrome, working fine…

Dik, well, yeah , now :)

More: https://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=456594

Well, if you can;t ge to the site, the thread talks of clearing browser caches. I had run into this a few years agoe w/ Explorer.

Clearing the Cache fixed it in Chrome and Firefox, works fine now. Thanks for the tip.


ran CCleaner and able to log back in

Cleared the cache and still not working for me - Chrome (up-to-date) on Windows 10. And not working on Safari on my iPhone iOS 12.3.1, either…

Cleared cache (from all time) and got back in. Google Chrome.

But, same problem 15 minutes later.

problem repeated

some are needing to clear cookies as well…

Had the same error message, cleared cookies, voila, works again.
Weird that it happened to a lot of us, this means it’s no fault at “our” end of the connection.

Cleared cookies worked yesterday but having the same issue again this morning.

Yep, same issue this morning.

Send an invitation to SE to all your friends who cannot connect.

I’m not ready to give up on eng-tips just yet, but I’m glad that simpliengineering helped me figure out how to get back onto eng-tips.

The new site is pretty good… and, improving.