Engineering Compensation

I thought I had done pretty good, but suddenly I feel inadequate!

Facebook Engineer

Why the decline year 4 to year 5? Typo?

How fake is that table?

It does seem too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Is this one of those “Fake News” I’ve heard so much about?

Geez I should’ve followed the money, I’d have been retired by 30.

Just, SGOTI.

If true, he probably pays more tax than we get paid! That’s a little hard to believe.

I only wish I could pay that much taxes :smile: :money_with_wings:

US dollars or pesos?

Initially I thought that this was an Army pay schedule. Then I woke up…


$775k to $750M is not a decline. It is a pretty healthy raise.
Why the decline in year 5 to 6?

That “really good Engineer” made a mistake! :rofl: $750M is wrong.

You’re right BA… Totally missed that!

Change the $ to cents and it would be about right or as PEinc suggests…it’s pesos.

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My grapes are turning sour.

Maybe this will cheer you up!

What is the average salary for an engineer in the UK in 2021?

Rates today are:

1 US$ = 0.72 Pound sterling
£56, 807 = US$78,899

1 US$ = 1.26 Canadian $
£56, 807 = C$62,618

USD $78,899 = $99,413 Canadian $