Estimating Latent Heat of Vaporization of Petroleum Products

When one needs a physical property, there are three methods for determining it:

  1. Look it up
  2. Estimate it
  3. Measure it

For the subject topic, a friend pointed me towards Miscellaneous Publications of the Bureau of Standards Nos. 91 - 102:

Petroleum Latent Heats - NBS Misc Pub 97.pdf (1.6 MB)

Thanks, Pierre!

The key equations in the article are:

L = 1/d(110.9 - 0.09t)

L = latent heat of vaporization, Btu/lb
d = s.g. at 60 F/60 F
t = temperature in degrees F


L*rho = 925 - 0.75t

L*rho = latent heat of vaporization (Btu/lb) x density @ 60 F (lb/gal), Btu/gal
t = temperature in degrees F

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