ET down today - 6/12/2023

Does anyone know why Engineering Tips website has been down all morning?

No, but I have futzed around clearing cookies and so forth to no effect. Decided it is a site issue, not a browser issue. Was getting the too many redirects error…

Same here. I cleared cookies, then went about entering all my user IDs and passwords in the various websites I frequent. When I tried ET, no love!

Yeah, I tried on both laptop and phone, no luck. I guess it’ll get sorted. Or not :)

Hunh. Been busy on other sites - mostly YouTube where a couple of people I subscribe to have new videos.

I tried ET on four different browsers, FireFox, Brave, SeaMonkey, and Microsoft Edge… nothing there.

ok, so that explains why i saw this after entering userid and password & pressing “Enter”:

I shutdown Firefox twice and got same results.

Sorry, I’m not the “repository of all knowledge”. In other words, i have no idea why.

Me too.

Tek-Tips is ok though.

It’s now 10.36 am, 13th, Sydney Aust. still down.

I have been having ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS errors in various browers for a week or so, usually ‘fixed’ by going into Incognito mode or switching to opera. But today W11, OSX, firefox, chrome edge and opera in various combinations all failed. Cleared cache twice.

Just logged in; it’s working normally.

Not for me. I tried via iPhone and laptop. 5 other websites worked fine. It’s down at this minute. Maybe they are having issues restarting. Same “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”.

Has anyone trird using IP tools, e.g. PING or TRACERT?

No. ET still down for me this morning, June 13th.

Day 2, wow!. There must be some pretty bad troubles at ET.

So, come on folks, lets strike while the iron is HOT! E-mail your ET friends and tell them to come over to SimpliEngineering! We are up and running!

A user on the Tek-Tips site, Kennabytes, posted the following.
“The problem appears to be a faulty redirect (probably the .htaccess) preventing pages from any non www. URLs from opening i.e. is working, isn’t.”

This worked for me, and explains why some users had the problem while others didn’t. When I last experimented (quite a few days ago now) the site still had the problem and the above “fix” still applied.

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