European motor connection

I have a three-phase motor of European origin. The motor leads are numbered U1,U2,V1,V2,W1,W2. It’s a packaged axial blower for a emissions controlling combustion enhancement for a gas turbine, and it’s a vendor package. We’re talking one horsepower.

It looks German, but to get to the motor itself we’d have to do a complete teardown of the blower since it’s mounted inside the duct. The six leads are brought out to a terminal box mounted on the external surface of the blower.

I need to connect for higher voltage. I’m guessing the the “2’s” connect together and the incoming power goes to the “1’s”

No nameplate data available. It’s 380v -50 Hz, and the vendor says it will be okay at 480v - 60Hz.


Ok. That motor will be direct-on-line start.

To make sure it is not a part winding start motor, ensure there is no continuity between U1, V1 and W1.

If there is no continuity between phases, then it is a 6 lead motor.

To be on the safe side, go with your method (short all 2’s and supply 1’s). If that doesn’t get the fan up to the speed, then you can connect in delta (Connect U1V2, V1W2 & W1U2).

If there is continuity between phases, it is a part winding start (though I don’t see the necessity for this small motor). In that case, you need suppl U1, V1 & W1 and when speed is obtained, throw in U2, V2 & W2 (you need special contactors to do this)

In all cases, check the direction of rotation.

Good luck and watch your fingers.

Above is a snippet.

@edison123, The bit about “watching your fingers” was an ad hoc edit. :)