EXCEL - Conditional Format based on another cell

I click on Conditional Formatting - New Rule - “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” … But then I cannot figure out what the correct formula is to type in the space.

I was thinking of an IF statement. =IF(1A=“GLOBAL”,?)… then I couldn’t figure out what to use in place of the question mark.

I tried doing it without that but it doesn’t work. I am either way off target, or just putting one small thing wrong each time I try, but I haven’t been able to get it where it works.


You don’t make an IF statement. Here’s what you’d put in the Formula


Click the Format button and select Fill to determine the color

Above is a snippet.

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Typically, you want to configure a Conditional Format on a Range of Cells.

Therefore, before activating the Conditional Format Wizard, Select the Range you wish to apply the Conditional Format.

Keep in mind, especially if your Conditional Format will affect more than one column, that if you use a formula, consider the Top-Left Cell of your Selected Range as the cell reference for your CF Formula.

So, for instance, consider zelgar’s reply, which will work if a Single Column Range is Selected. But if your Select Range (the cells you want Conditionally Formatted) has more than one column, then for the formula to apply to every column…


…meaning that whatever columns in Row1 are in your initial Select Range, your Conditional Format always reference Column A.

And if your initial Select Range included other Rows, the Conditional Format is automatically propagated to those Rows as well.