Expansion Joint in Heat Exchanger

I have a Heat exchanger (TEMA BEM) with an expansion Joint. The analysis per TEMA 8.xx is rather involved. I have decided to analyze using FEA. I can set up the model and do the analysis and feel comfortable with the results rather than go through the TEMA calcs.

My question is has anyone compared the TEMA formulas with FEA?


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Never done that, but wouldn’t advise you to continue on that path: you will need to adopt the stress classification criteria of ASME VIII Div.2 (expansion stress limited to 3*S), but any back link to TEMA criteria will be hard to find.

Above is a snippet.

ASME Code, Sec VIII, Div 1 has mandatory appendices for both flanged and flued (thick) joints and bellows (thin) joints. If under this Code you are obligated to use them, or analysis techniques per Sec VIII, Div 2. Div 2 has its own requirements.

TEMA Standards address flanged and flued joints only but I believe the more recent Standards contain guidance for FEA techniques.

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