Fanuc C4000A Terminology

We have an Amada 3015 with a Fanuc Laser which I am now learning to maintain. Mind you, I have never been to school for Lasers, I was an Avionics Tech in the USAF then NH Air National Guard where I was troubleshooting to the component level for 30 years (just retired). I got into Lasers when one of my Weekenders (Guardsmen) had a couple Laser techs quit at the same time. So everything I have learned is through working on them. I am having a little trouble trying to grasp what Fanuc is saying:

  1. What do they mean when they say obtain maximum power Based on O.C. by using R.M. as the reference? On other resonators, I would adjust Rear, then output. If I replaced all optics, I would use a HeNe in place of the O.C. then using crosshairs I would align all the way to the Rear, install rear then align rear till it came back onto the HeNe’s output. What is your surefire way to tune a Fanuc C4000E?

  2. What is a Hot vs Cold mode?


Well… Let me first start off by saying “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME”.

Meaning, this is pretty in depth stuff and just because I offer a little help, doesn’t mean anyone can do it.

1 Set the machine to generate beam without opening the shutter. M758. I like full power, full freq, and 50% duty. Let the power stabilize for at least a smoke break. On the some machines you have to disable feedback, others, the 50% takes care of that.

2 You have to connect a FLUKE digital meter to the power monitor board.

3 The output coupler is the one closest to the shutter with the black beam cover over it. Slowly turn one of the micrometers and watch the DC voltage on your meter. You should see a peak in the voltage around one range of the micrometer position.

4 Then move to the other micrometer. Repeat.

This is peaking power relative to the rear mirror, and all the fold mirrors for that matter. A full 4kw tune is way more in depth than this. This is the quick and dirty for the do-it-yourselfer. I believe that any change in “internal” alignment effects all the mirrors down stream.

When you’re done, you shoot a mode burn. Cold, is right after the laser has been at idle, Hot is right after you have the machine generating 4000W for at least a minute. It takes two people to do this.

Above is a snippet.