FEA analysis to support an ASME VIII Div.1 vessel


I am completing an FEA analysis to support an ASME VIII Div.1 vessel by completing the analysis to ASME VIII Div.2.

I have attached screenshots that show my 1/4 model and also the location of my SCL (The highlighted line in the centre of the three)

I have also attached the results file stating the six component stresses at each node’s location along the SCL.

Would either of you be able to enlighten me as to how to proceed to calculate the Membrane Stress & Membrane + Bending Stress?

And, here are the results:


In such a monoblock vessel, I would submit that linear elastic analysis is not appropriate.

If you are bound and determined to do so anyway, please be aware that I do not provide advice on SCLs or linearization - see,, and And linearization is covered in Annex 5-A.

Above is a snippet.