Florida Bridge Collapse

Final report has been released on the bridge collapse:


Thank you for posting that.

The conclusions on pages 10-12 are shocking to read, even after all this time to consider all the missed opportunities to design the bridge more safely, correct errors in the construction, or secure the bridge after cracks appeared.

Amazing how nobody was prepared to take action, or maybe not even believe the evidence in front of their eyes.

Yea, just ignore it and the problem will go away. Like that worked well… :skull_and_crossbones:

…and no mention of the FDOT’s active involvement.


The NTSB’s report is out, and is quite blunt.



I’m glad they put a bit of a spotlight on the Florida DOT… they were active during the entire construction process… Make the lawyers a lot happier. Unfortunately it took 6 lives to achieve this. With first cracking the EoR should have realised that something serious was amiss…


A British perspective: Institution of Structural Engineering, Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) “Lessons Learned From the 2018 Florida Bridge Collapse During Construction” December 2020

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