Galvanized Fasteners & Treated Lumber

Is there a problem with using galvanized fasteners with pressure treated Douglas fir/Larch?

I designed an open portico structure - it’s part of a streetscape. The portico consists of a pitched roof with timber rafters, and timber beams along the eaves. There are four concrete/stone columns along each side. The ridgebeam is a galvanized tube, since it had to span 40’ without interior supports. The rafter collar ties are galvanized steel straps.

At the last minute the architect says no galvanized fasteners. it will stain the wood. If the fasteners are going to stain the wood one would think the galvanized members will do the same to it. I’m looking for opinions before I start revising the drawings.


Hot-dip galvanized (or stainless steel) fasteners are recommended for use with treated lumber. This applies to all of current preservation processes. The concern is about the preservation chemicals, the wood species is not an issue. Note that galvanizing, other than hot-dip, is not recommended.

Simpson has as good a summary of this entire question as I have seen anywhere:…

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