Generating reports in Word from Mathcad calculations

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I use MathCad 11 for completing Seismic Analysis in accordance with the ASME BP&V Code. I have created a template that I input a about a dozen variables into and it will run through about 50-60 equations for me.

I then transpose the results of the MathCad calculations into a Word document that serves as my report. I use Word because it provides a clean mixture of text and equations without having to see what MathCad does (the equation definition and then the equation solution side by side)

My question is: Is there a way that I can export only my results into defined points of a Word document? Like with Excel and Word, you can link a spreadsheet to a document and as you change the spreadsheet it will update the Word Doc. I know it might be a long shot, but I figure it was worth asking people that have more MathCad experience than I do, since I am pretty much self-taught from the Mathcad manual.

If this is not possible, do you guys have any suggestions as to what would be a more effective process? Currently, we are running into issues where there is too much room for error in the transposition of results. Myself or someone else trying to accurately read and re-write 50-60 different numbers can easily get a fit of dyslexia and screw something up.


Use hidden regions in Mathcad

Use one of Mathcad’s file / data output components / functions to create an appropriate number of text files (ie, one for each point in the Word Document that you need).
Use Word’s file import mechanism to link to those files.

I usually use IFRs’ suggested method of putting all of my equations in an Area and collapsing it. However, it may require some work to restructure a worksheet retrospectively and the file-read route may be easier.

I find it simpler to just copy-paste a block of Mathcad text from the MC worksheet and insert it as a graphic into Word. There is no link, so it won’t update if you change the MC worksheet, but the approved configuration of the document is locked down, and in some ways that’s more important to me.