Glue and other words to make up 10 characters

Looks like my Bulldog PL Premium has a competitor… going to have to look into it:

Two part and a little more finicky, but appears to be good glue.


A cyanoacrylic/epoxy copolymer. Interesting. A homopolymer of cyanoacrylic is quite different than an epoxy. I would think this product would have a wider range of uses.

According to the product data sheet… it sticks almost anything to anything. I’ve often used PL Premium for gluing steel to wood for composite reinforcing. Works like a charm and after more than a decade, nothing has loosened.


Is that a new product? It reminds me of an adhesive I tested about 10 years ago. I didn’t actually use it for the application, but not because I wasn’t impressed with its properties, but because an alternate was found in storage.