GMC Hummer EV - Commercial

Did you notice the narrator was Lebron James?

IIRC, there was a huge brouhaha, when he graduated from High School, and “his Mom” gave him a brand new Hummer H2 with a “loan” based on Lebron’s future earnings. That’s when they still lived in the Cleveland projects. But, not for very much longer.

Lebron must have gotten great satisfaction out of doing that commercial.

H2? A Yukon in drag?

So, at about 0:47 in the commercial, is that a real vapor cone or just some fine CGI work? Whichever it is, coupled with the testostrone raising, pounding bass of the Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin (I was kind of expecting an appearance by Thor himself), it is great marketing!

What about that CRABWALK capability at 3:56 in the video? Wow! That is so unconventional to me, I’d probably forget about it, until faced with a situation where I’d have to use it to proceed. Has anyone drove a vehicle with that feature? What was it? I can’t even think of a vehicle that has it.

The vapor cone had to have been CGI…but a nice touch, haha.

I’ve seen the Crabwalk capability on concept cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept (Which you can read about here), but not on a production model.

Very interesting!

Crab walk.
Rough Terrain Cranes,
A very few steerable skid steer loaders.
Pick-and-carry machines. (Small RT type machines with a carry deck)

A Lull construction fork lift has that feature. very handy for getting the forks under a pallet when you are out of position.

That would lead to all kinds of fun! I’d like the motorcycle, too.

Yes, it is sweet! I looked for it’s MSRP and found this:

Of note, the Hummer EV will have a base price of $79,995 (due Spring 2024) while the Edition 1 version, which is the first Hummer EV up for grabs, can be had for $112,595 (due Fall 2021).

That’s not too bad, for what you get. The price in 2024 looks better.

Yes, not too bad. I’m too tight to ever buy something like that. A friend that was an old maintenance supervisor used to tell me, “you throw nickels around like they are manhole covers”. These days I’m a Toyota Camry kind of guy who loves to dream.

I’m too tight, too, but it’s nice to dream.