Good References for Pipelines and Pumping

By stanier

These are my “go to” references for work in the pipeline and pumping areas:

Fluid Transients in Pipeline Systems ARD Thorley
Pressure Transients in Water Engineering Ellis
The Hydraulic of Open Channel Flow French
Advanced Water Dustribution Modelling & Management Haestad Methods (available free on CD)
Non Newtonian Flow in the Process Industries CH Habra & richardson
Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps Wilson Addie and Clift
Piping Design Brecht
Cavitation and the Centrifugal Pump Grist

US Army has a good deal of free literature in design around pumping stations Search the web for the details.

EPA has good software for insulation and pumping for free

Good websites: for pumps for energy saving particulalry with respect to pumps. for stainless steels for hydraulic analysis software. try their demos for leading edge air valves pumps

If you have other references dear to you in the pipeline/pumping area, please share them with a post.