GTAW WPS Filler Wire Size

With regard to GTAW WPS, if the WPS mentioned that the filler wire diameter is 2.4mm but the available filler wire size for GTAW is only 3.2mm. Does we require to provide new GTAW WPS?


The welder is bound by the WPS. If someone listed a single diameter, then that is what the welder must use until someone takes the time to revise the WPS. There are occasions where there is a reason to list only one filler metal diameter, other times listing one diameter is because the person writing the WPS didn’t know any better.

The same holds true for the weld type (fillet versus groove weld) as well as joint type (Tee, Butt, Corner, etc.), and groove type (V, J, square, etc.), groove angles, single pass versus multiple. the list includes any nonessential variable. If the WPS only lists one weld type, one groove type, etc., that is what the welder is limited to.

Above is a snippet.