H-pile dimensions from 1960s

On construction drawings from the early 1960s, there is a note referring to all piles in this section to be “12"B.P. at 53 pounds”. Are these BP 12x53 H-piles? Can somebody give me dimensions for this pile? Depth, flange width, web thickness, flange thickness, steel grade? I believe it would come from the 1956 AISI Steel Construction Manual.


The 12BP53 H Bearing Piles have the same dimensions in the 4th edition and the 5th edition AISC Steel Construction Manual:

  • Depth 11.780
  • Flange Width 12.046
  • Flange Thickness .436
  • Web Thickness .436

In the 7th edition, they began using the HP12x53 designation with the same dimensions

Above is a snippet.