Happy π Day!

Happy π Day everyone! At work today, someone brought in a “cinnamon bun” pie and an apple pie. The “cinnamon bun” pie was :yum:.


You know…I was at the vet and wrote the date on a form and I said, “3/14, man I swear today is like a special day or something” and I could not put my finger on it. Thanks for the reminder!

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Or this: https://twitter.com/QuireMemes/status/1635749353175367682?s=20

3.142023 is pretty close. Wonder if anyone took notice in 1592 [or 1593].

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Why didn’t I notice this before?
I suggested that my engineering department have a bit of a “Pi Day” celebration. We ordered a dozen pies and shared them with the rest of the office staff. It was a popular success. Everyone came out, I dolloped out big slices of pie and ice cream for everyone and we all chatted together.

Similar, but lower key. Hazel, from 3 offices down and in R&D, brought 2 pies. I get there early each morning, so I got my pick. Cinnamon bun “pie”. Zapped it 15 seconds and it went great with my English Breakfast tea!