Happy New Year!

All the best for the new year. 2022 has to be better!

Our traditional New Year’s lunch is
Black eyed peas
Collard greens
A bit of pork of some type (usually bacon in the peas/collards)
Apple pie

What’s yours?

Thanks, Ron! I hope 2022 brings you and everyone else here good health, prosperity, and happiness!

Our traditional New Year’s lunch is:
Black eyed peas
Collard greens
Pork - this year it is a small spiral cut ham

We have no desert in particular in our tradition, but we happen to have leftover assorted cheesecakes, chocolate cake, and apple pie in the garage refridgerator!

Unfortunately our family get together will not be as big as hoped because of Covid. The oldest son and his fiance just caught it in their travels from her folks place in Maine. With Omicron kicking up right now, it may be just the three of us normally in the home, SWMBO, the youngest son, and me.

Oh yeah, yesterday, I picked up a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream to go over that apple pie after it is warmed up! :yum:

Yeah, we’re the same because of Covid. Florida is a hot spot again.

I skipped the apple pie, but I did have a glass of cornbread and buttermilk. It was the old fashion buttermilk, with the golden flakes of butter in it. Yummy!

What a bunch of snoozers.
My traditional NY festive meal requires a lot of chocolate and champagne. Or prosecco!

That’s dessert! The meal has to have collards, rice, black eyed peas, cornbread and pork! Prosecco is good to wash it down!

(shakes head in disappointment)


Mmmm, I like oysters. On the halfshell, steamed, stewed, baked, and fried, especially fried! And, I have heard of them as a New Year’s tradition with some folks, just not my folks.

I like oysters too…just not traditional for a southern New Year’s lunch/dinner. As with Latexman…any form. I’m also partial to fried, but like oyster stew, steamed and raw as well. Good stuff.

Have spent many hours as a teenager gathering oysters in the shallows of the Gulf on the west coast of Florida (Ozello). Was one of our favorite spots for fishing and oysters.

(Still shaking head)

With a spritz of lemon

My wife grew up on the coast of New Brunswick. Oysters and lobster were always fresh.

We have a dry land species of oyster out here on the prairies.
But we don’t generally see prairie oysters this time of year.
In the spring they are a traditional treat at branding parties.
(Branding is not the only indignity suffered by the baby bulls at a branding party.)

I’m so glad I broke away from traditions years ago.
Never liked black eyed peas, and cornbread was always too dry for my taste.
Yes I know what mountain oysters are, and it makes my glad I gave up meat years ago.

With a spritz of lemon

I agree, but my preference is:

Raw, laying on one crisp, saltine cracker
With a spritz of lemon
About 1/4 tsp cocktail sauce
Fresh horseradish to taste
2-4 drops of Tabasco

Everything goes in, in one bite. The diversity in texture, aroma, and taste is amazing!

Oysters? Hohum, we do those all the time (Seattle area), wanted something for a treat. So, we were going to do swiss cheese fondue as a first course, then shrimp and of course prosecco to wash it all down. But our two guests decided to cancel, and the fondue and prosecco turned out to be more than enough for the night, turned in early and went XC skiing in the fresh snow on New Years’ morning.

But yeah, oysters. Raw on the half shell, with any sauces mentioned or none. Try Ponzu sauce if you can find it in the Asian section at the market. It’s soy sauce with a citrus juice added (yuzu traditionally). You can make a decent substitute adding lemon juice to regular soy sauce too. The other way we like for the big ones (bigger than can be gulped down raw) is to broil them on the BBQ grill until they start to steam and fizz, then pop them on a plate, pry them open and enjoy.

On a cracker…no foofoo crackers, just a good ol’ saltine, with hot sauce. Haven’t tried the lemon spritz but might be good.

I’ve never been one to worry about New Year’s meals for any special purpose. My luck continues to be so bad I did this year and continue to indulge just to build up some extra capital, if it works that way. :smiley:

It’s been sad to read of the passing of some good people. They will be missed.

Good to hear from you Pam. Are things getting any better?