Have DIN 127 etc lockwasher stds been officially withdrawn

Over the past 10 or 15 years various DIN standards for locking washers and similar hardware have been “withdrawn” and often not replaced.

Different entities ( mainly companies that sell specialty lockwashers ) generally make the claim that the various standards were withdrawn due to “ineffectiveness” at preventing loosening when subjected to dynamic and even static loads.

I do not dispute the questionable efficacy of split lockwashers, etc at actually preventing loosening.

But so far I have not seen any DIN documents saying why the various standards were withdrawn.

Has any body seen officially why DIN 127 etc lockwasher stds were withdrawn?


Well, there’re many tests regarding that. See: http://www.boltscience.com/pages/helicalspringwash…

And in the ASME B18.2.1 it says:

NOTE: The word lock appearing in the names of products in this Standard is a generic term historically associated with their identification and is not intended to imply an indefinite permanency of fixity in attachments where the fasteners are used.

For lock washers see DIN 6796 and DIN 25201

Above is a snippet.