Hazardous Air Pollutant Modeling/Estimation

I am working on designing a small scale laboratory that makes new molecules. The largest reactor is a 200L reactor and final batch sizes don’t exceed 10 kg of dry product. This facility is part of the R&D vertical for the client and therefore new chemistries are trialed here after benchtop synthesis viabilty is proven. I wanted to know how such facilities would estimate HAP emissions since there isn’t a defined process that is being run. I’d appreciate feedback even if it’s in the context of a defined manufacturing facility.

I would think the EPA has guidence on that, but one has to have a basic understanding of the process to quantify the HAP emissions. That “there isn’t a defined process that is being run” part will be a problem.

Does TRACI help you get what you are looking for?

This sounds like something that would require at least a partial Life Cycle Assessment. You may want to look into tools to help you with that analysis. There are many good tools out there, including free ones. I’m not going to list them here because I’d rather not plug any particular software tool.

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Thanks for the link Swertel. My understanding is that this tool is for LCA AFTER the amounts of emissions are known/estimated and the estimating emission amounts is where I’m stuck for a rationale.

I trying to get in touch with my local DEP to ask them. I will also ask them how they will advise on the multi-chemical nature of the facility. I’m assuming they will have some set of chemicals that capture a swath of potential impacts and then the facility will be responsible for benchmarking to those chemicals and/or impact level.