Hello from SLTA

now don’t all go screaming away. I’m just trying this out.

I have a new job and very little free time but I do miss the camaraderie of the old-skool ET, before everybody got so angry at each other. so, let’s see how this goes.

cheers, y’all.

No running. No screaming. Hopefully we can keep some sanity here! We have a lot more capability to smack offensive stuff quickly.

Glad you’re trying it! Hope the new job is going well.

Welcome to SimpliEngineering.


You scared her off Ron! :footprints:

Did not. :laughing:

This new job of mine is a REALLY BIG job and after staring at my computer all day, it’s hard to do that at home, too.

But, I have missed y’all. Cheers.

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Screaming and running? I’m the poster image of calm.

Welcome SLTA, glad you’re here…

I didn’t think of you as controversial elsewhere. I don’t think anyone will scream and/or run away. Glad you’re here and hope you enjoy the year.