Hello & Hoping for a Magnetics forum

I’m looking forward to contributing & learning from here!

I’m a Materials Engineer by education, but I live/breathe/bleed magnetism. I’m hoping the Powers That Be can create a Magnetics Forum.

Any fans of Scotch Ales in the Pub?

Never tried a scotch ale. I’m going to put that on my to do list.

Would your magnetic interests be under Materials or electromagnetism (Electrical) or elsewhere?

In the mean time, “tag” your posts magnetics in the general discussion area of the proper discipline, then they can easily be moved when a Magnetics forum is created.

What exactly does a magnetics engineer do?
Any chance of some real-world applications that you can share?
Apart from maglev trains, I have no idea…

I help companies that want to use magnetism in their applications but don’t know their North Pole from South Pole. They might want to design a motor, incorporate a sensor, magnetically hold something in place, bend an energized beam, optimize an MRI. The applications are endless and I’ve been fortunate to work with many industries including semiconductor, aerospace/defense, petrochemical, medical, industrial & consumer firms.

Nice! Sounds interesting.
Never would’ve thought someone would be consulting in magnetics, but here you are…
I’m sorry, but I truly live in my (welding) world, and I don’t come outside that often :slight_smile:
Please have your scotch ale on me, I’ll have a ricard…

I have built magnetic arc defectors for welding systems.
You do find magnets everywhere.
If you count both electromagnetic and permanent magnet devices a typical car has a few hundred of them. Virtually everywhere that you have to transition between mechanical and electrical you have a magnetic device.


You must have a magnetic personality!

Are you into maglev for high speed electric rail transportation?


I haven’t been involved directly in the design of high speed maglev trains, although I’ve ridden a few of them. They are a hoot!



In Japan? As fas as I know, there aren’t any in Europe, have no idea about the US.
Have seen some youtube footage though, it’s really a smooth sailin’ at 300-400 mph :amazing: !

I know about the Japanese ones and they (not ridden on one) but they seem to be the ‘real’ thing.

With climate change and C02, transportation will be greatly affected… automobiles as well as aircraft. I’m thinking that high speed rail crossing the country may be on the horizon.

The Americans have to improve their high speed transport… it seems that 150 mph rail is beyond their grasp. The system has to be electrified using Hydro, wind turbines or solar panels.


Capital idea MagMike. I’ve been designing electromagnetic actuators for 35 years myself. Mechanical Engineer by degree but I’ve always liked the interface between electrical and mechanical in electromagnetics.

Scotch ales are nice but I’m more of a hop head, give me a good India Pale Ale.

From the BBC…

Maybe there is an alternative to electric trains…


@MagMike I saw you were published today and that invigorated me to review this old thread. Since this thread, I stumbled across Discourse‘s document on tags. I was pleased it reinforced what I said above with this:

How can you use tags?

Self-organizing communities

It’s certainly a good idea to start with a few key categories when you launch, but don’t overdo it. Instead of adding yet another category, ask yourself if a tag would, perhaps, be a better and more flexible starting point? If a tag gets extremely popular you can easily graduate it to a full blown category later — and the natural popularity of user-entered tags might help you decide what categories you need and don’t need.

And, I’ve ridden a few MagLev’s in China. Very neat!

Betcha my first Maglev ride was before yours. :smiley:

Hamburg May 1979, Transrapid 3 if I recall the name right.

Yes, way before. My rides were in 2011 and 2012.

Bringing this thread back to life for a moment, in hopes I can get the attention of @MagMike for just a moment. Simple question: Have you been involved in the design of electric motors, particularly BLDC or servos? I have a few questions if you’re interested, and perhaps some of my “hobby-shop” tinkering would be of interest.
Nothing over-unity, I promise!

Hello SparWeb! I haven’t directly designed a motor, those things are in a world of their own.
Having said that, I’ve helped motor designers with the magnets and helped troubleshooting.
Please let me know what you are thinking about, I’ll be happy to help if I can.

@SparWeb, post your question here:


And in your post you can hail @MagMike, to draw their attention to your question as well as get help from others with electric motor experience.

Good luck.