Hey! crshears has entered the building...but what's he ordering?

Don’t know when/if/to whom my other / inaugural post will be read /visible…

Was wondering if I should use not_really_an_engineer as my username here…

Just gonna lurk in the other fora until I get the lay of the land…

Apparently as a new SE user my rights are limited, so mind your toes as I don’t know if I’ll inadvertently step on them.

Also, apparently I don’t need to sign my posts as this place will be like Cheers, meaning everyone will know my name…but what about those nifty taglines that proliferate in ET?

Grab a beer. All will become clear in time (I hope!)


I’ve met lots of technical people that are not engineers and I’ve met lots of engineers that are not technical… they may have been when they first started… but, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Welcome to the crowd and I don’t think your non-engineering status will matter. What do you do? and what are your skills?


Here’s my profile info from ExtraTerrestrial, but decompressed and supplemented since there’s more room here:

Although not currently using this qualification in my present discipline, I’m certified as an Operating Engineer, Third Class in Ontario, Canada. I have 35+ [make that 40+ now] years of experience in the electrical power industry, operating both fossil & hydraulic generation, plus grid operations of both transmission & sub-transmission from 13.8 kV to 500 kV until 1997, at which point I left plant operation behind. I’d therefore describe myself as having strong operational experience but as being [very] weak in plant design capability - although I can be very opinionated about some of the site layout drawings I’ve seen!

For fun, I play with steam equipment, and I’ve accumulated >90% of the operating time needed to obtain a Steam Traction Operator Certificate in the Province of Ontario, something I anticipate having in hand by year’s end.

I can sometimes be curmudgeonly…

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My Grade 10 homeroom teacher referred to me as a curmudgeon… I had to look it up… He insisted we refer to him as ‘sir’… that didn’t go too well, but, that’s another story. I even refer to God by his first name.