Hi folks. Bill finally found the door to the Pub

It’s nice to see all the familiar names here.
I have been lurking for awhile, going off the corners on the learning curve.
Not to worry. I’m getting it together.
By the way, is there any way to see a list of SE members?

Left click the “triple bar” icon
Left click Users
Up to the minute member list by changing the timeframe to Today


The door is clearly marked “Pull” but you kept pushing…

Hi Spar. I belong to a group who all had that problem.
Then someone changed the sign to read “PUSH”.
Now every one can open it.
We have our problems but we try real hard to support each other.
Our group motto is;

It’s a means of egress… it should open outwards, by code…


They all go both ways if you apply enough force.

Yup… and you can put a square peg in a round hole, too… thanks for the clarification…


Uhh. I’m wondering dik.
Does the door to your home open in or out?
Is it code compliant?
I hope that this is being taken in the context of humor and not a personal attack.

Both dual doors… one opening in and one opening out… OK for residential, but not for Pub classification. Exit doors have to open outwards… in this jurisdiction.


Never a personal attack… not that kind of engineer… and, never have been… I get jollier as I drink. You can tell from my avitar.