HIC Tested Plate for Pressure Vessel

We are using a HIC tested plate for a pressure vessel. Are there any special requirements for welding and welding procedure from HIC point of view?

Is there such a thing called “HIC Tested Welding Procedure”?
Can HIC occur in the weld metal? If yes, then what can be done to prevent it?


Generally not for the welding of pressure vessels as there is no indication to do so in NACE TM0284. It is assumed by many that welding does not produce any metallurgical changes that would lead to increased HIC susceptibility in material that has already been tested.

In terms of HIC occurring in a weld metal… If you are a welding engineer - Yes. If you are a corrosion engineer - No. Welding types often refer to HIC when they mean HE or HAC! The microstructure of a weld does not lend itself to the H2S corrosion type HIC (stepwise cracking).

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@MetalLossMan, Thank you for your very thorough and thoughtful instruction.