High Temperature Application


I am designing a Section VIII-1 heat exchanger with design conditions 1058°F at 80 psig. I am using SS321H. While I do have all the stress values for SS321H at this temperature from Section II-D, Section II-D does not provide yield stresses for any materials over 1000F, which is causing Compress to crash. Does anyone have any suggestions for handling this?


Part UHX provides a means to obtain yield strength from external prressure charts, by reference to UG-28©. Look up in Part UHX nomenclature the definitions for Sy. You are then directed to UG-28© Step 3. Start reading at the words “Values of yield strength…”, second sentence. Note that it is unrelated to geometry.

Since Chart HA-2 has a temp line for 1500 F, I don’t see why you could not apply the procedure.

Above is a snippet.

@SnTMan Directed them to the code, then to step, then to the sentence! Very nice. Thank you for being so helpful to others and using the forums to learn and share.

@SnTMan I always get nervous about the proximity of galvanized lines, since they are so very common, near a high temperature SS application. I fear contamination of zinc on the SS during installation, repair, etc. which can lead to liquid metal cracking. I know this is OT but it is something I have always been on the lookout for in our plants. When I have found it in the past, I have trained the operations folks of the risks and insisted on prominent signage to carry the warning further.