Hilti Hit-Z anchor

Does anyone have the load resistance (LRFD) for a 3/4" dia anchor, in tension and shear, in uncracked concrete (20 MPa min) with 4" embedment. I do not have Profis loaded on my machine. I cannot find the capacity on the web.




Can you find it in here? Sorry, I don’t have time to look through it myself at the moment.

Thanks… the information is not there. They have lots of info on their anchors, but nothing about the strength in concrete… not even embedment length.


@dik Try downloading Volume 2 from here:

I got this from it, pg 43.

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Thanks so much… I have 3 other Hilti documents with varying number of pages that all start out the same, but, no concrete information. I started to look at it and because they started out the same, I thought they were.

The technical guides are great.


You are welcome.

I like Hilti. Their technical staff is always very helpful as well. They have shared in-house documents showing their research /tentative values for large diameter anchors when I was dealing with sizes that aren’t in the published technical guides. Very helpful as a sanity check when you are forced to anchor a large piece of machinery with post-installed anchors.