How do I create a macro to find dangling dimensions

How do I write a macro to find dangling dimensions? I do not want the macro to automatically delete them for me because I want to fix the dimensions as I go.


The way I would envision this macro to work:

  • Scan the entire document for dangling dimensions. Make a table in memory of all the dangling ones and which page they are on.
  • Load the list into a list box on a user form on screen.
  • Clicking on an entry in the list box takes you to the page in question, highlights the dimension, and zooms to fit.
  • Once you click on another entry in the list, the macro checks to verify that the previously selected dimension isn’t dangling anymore. If not, it’s removed from the list.

As far as how to write it, if you’ve not written macros before this would be pretty challenging.

Above is a snippet.

@handleman, Thank you for not just answering the question, but teaching them the WHY behind what they are doing,