How to Anchor Brick Shelf Angles to a Wood Building

I have a four story wood structure with brick veneer. The veneer height exceeds 30 feet, so we are going to support the brick veneer at each level with shelf angles. I was wondering how people typically detail the connection of the shelf angle back to wood-framed buildings.

Let’s say I have maximum 12’ of supported brick at 39 psf = 468 plf. The center of brick veneer will have about a 3 1/4" eccentricity from the face of the sheathing, so 468x3.25 = 1521 lb-in/ft moment. I was planning on using an L5X5X3/8 angle. What’s the preferred way to attach it back to the structure? (1) row of lag screws into solid blocking between the wall studs? I’m getting that I need 3/4" lag screws at 8" o.c. to take the combined shear and withdrawal loading. I was planning on locating this angle and blocking right above the wall bottom plate, so gravity loads will be transferred through direct bearing. How do you transfer the tension of the moment couple out of the blocking into the wood studs?


I would consider not supporting the brick on wood and keeping everything supported by the foundation.

Estimate your wood shrinkage and brick expansion and have your architect detail their window sills for this differential at the upper levels.

I believe the 30ft limit is prescriptive, but don’t have the code in front of me.

Above is a snippet.