How to create a new tag?

I would like to create a new tag that is not existing - 3dexperience is the word that is not found in the tags list.

How it can be done?

I used Search (magnifing glass icon in top right) with “adding a tag” and found this:

The tag search cell is under the title of the thread.

I added “3dexperience” to your thread. It should be in the pulldown menu next time for you.

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Ah, @Latexman, ya beat me to it! I knew that discussion would come in handy someday!

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Thanks for the answer, hope next time I can do it myself :smile:, now I have another question-related to this…how can I add tags to old posts? :smile:

Go to the old post. Do you see a pencil icon beside or near the title? If not, I don’t think you can do this, and you can ask me or any moderator to do it for you. If you do see the pencil, click it. You’ll see the tag cell under the title, probably on RHS. Then, you follow the previous instructions, except at the end there might be a check and X mark when you finish. Click the check to complete adding the tag. Click the X to abandon it.

Nope, no pencil., but now I know for the future, no problem with this, I don’t wan’t to make peoples loose time with this.