How to Test a “Bare” Pump (a pump with no motor)

I have a pump which designed to ISO 5199. To avoid prolong downtime and long lead time, I would like to purchase ONLY a bare pump to keep as spare.

Just to check, do I need to ask vendor to include: hydrostatic test, performance test and NPSH test? We use a spare shop motor to perform all the tests. My concern is the necessity to perform the performance test and NPSH test since its operating condition would remain the same as existing pump. Hydrostatic test maybe should be included to make sure there is no leakage.


Do a hydrostatic test, a performance test, a NPHSr curve, and get a power curve.

If the pump is all that important to you, do these tests. The testing ensures that it runs smoothly. Mistakes are made by equipment manufacturers. You would be surprised. It is the same for anything. Even engineers make mistakes…LOL. This will be your only chance to catch and correct it

I would also think you would need a spare set of bearings if this pump is going to sit on the shelf. On large pumps waiting in storage for installation we have the contractor rotate the shaft on a periodic basis.

Don’t assume that just because it is a brand name pump that there will be no mistakes made.

Above is a snippet.