How well did we do in the Spring big freeze?

After the big Freeze of 2015 several recommendations were made, were they followed, and were they effective?

Where are you Boring108?

I live in Calgary, so I could say something silly about the big freezes we get here - gee it seems to happen every year, you know…

How is it affecting you, wherever you are?

It is colder than usual, but we are in a drought, so the snow is welcome.
I can say we did see a larger Winter peak on the grid, but less than our Summer peak. Besides our peaking plants tend to have a higher output in the Winter.
I did not ask what our fuel/plant mix was, but I do know our combined cycle plant was on, which uses gas.
I do know several of out hydro plants were out, as usual, because of the frozen lakes. But those are small units.

I don’t want to say where I am, but I am more North and West of Texas.

I don’t see how solar would work with snow on the panels.