HVAC Duct Pressure Drop vs. AC Unit S.P. Rating

A rooftop HVAC unit on a 2-story office building is rated at 2400 cfm at a static pressure of 0.6"wcg. The conditioned space is on the 1st floor. The first duct segment is 30x12 inches metal and contains at least 3 elbows. The estimated equivalent length Le is 125 ft. The pressure drop is calculated to be 0.08"wc/100 ft, or 10"wc total for this first segment.

Since the 10"wc drop is way more than the 0.6"wc output of the ac unit, it does not seem possible this system would work; but it does. What am I missing?


theodore.gross2 (aka urgross)
Your arithmetic is poor. The drop would be 1.25 * 0.08 = 0.1 IWC.

Above is a snippet.

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