I got some bad news from the doctor yesterday

I was seeing the doctor as follow-up for a slight infection.
“Doctor, I am not feeling really good.
Nothing specific but a little less energy and a little more aches and pains.
It’s almost as if I was getting old.”
“Bill. You are old.”
“Not really. I’m dealing with that with denial.”
“You are old.”
I beg your pardon?"
“And get that hearing aid.”
“Bill you are old, and you need a hearing aid.”
On one level I know that he is right. On another level I am having a hard time accepting it.
Oh, will someone please pass the Tylenol again?
What’s that you said?

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Are you old?

No. His doctor is.

Please don’t threaten my denial.
It took enough of a hit from my doctor. :grin:

They say that you are only as young as you feel.
Did I ever mention that my wife is about 30 years younger than I?
I feel pretty young.
How old can I be?
I have a 14 year old son.
I tend to forget that I also have a great-grandson who is older than my youngest son.
Maverick’s ego wrote checks that his body couldn’t cash.
My memory writes checks that my body can’t cash.
I am probably old, but I don’t want to believe it.

WaRoss: interesting reply in as much as it’s virtually the same for myself.
My wife is 33 years younger and it’s only others who consider I might be getting on a bit, for me it’s as young as ever - most of the time anyway. I have a 10 year old son and a grandson who is older.
So what is old, guess it’s how old you feel or act.

Age is only a number, rest it is all in the mind. I am 65 and have been entering a foundry every day for last 42 years.
The first time I was advised to use prescription lenses was a shock. I used to be confident about my eyesight, until one day disaster happened. I read dimension 807mm as 307 mm on drawing and got a casting made. I learnt my lesson that day!!

Some years back I was working with “Old Joe”.
He was a nice guy.
Our work entailed a lot of walking to different locations in the plant.
About once a day Joe would break into a very fast walk.
The job was winding down and most of us were looking forward a layoff at the end of the week.
Joe said to me;
“Oh. I hope you didn’t mind me hustling every once in awhile.”
“No problem Joe.”
“Yes, that’s something that I do.
I just want to see if you young guys can keep up.”
“No problem. Joe, how old are you?”
he told me.
“Joe. My youngest son was born when i was as young as you.”

If you’re old then I would be “almost” old. Well I am definitely not even close to old. So by comparison you ain’t old.

Nothing worse?

That is what most doctors say these days. Before this “getting old” thing became popular, they used to say things like “You are getting fat” or “You should cut down on whisky” and other such banalities.

I have students in my program that were born after I was married - meaning they could easily be my kids. Hubs and I have been together almost 25 years and some of my 25-yr old students are married. It is REALLY WEIRD. I don’t feel old at all and yet to them, I am SO old. Just weird.

But then, my eyesight actually got a lot better from my last checkup, so maybe I’m ok.

And WaRoss, I believe the proper terminology is “Eh, sonny?” with an ear trumpet. Ha!

Exactly! Well said. Through my eyes and mind, I’m still the same 20-ish year old stud muffin as before, but everybody on the outside looking at me disagrees. :laughing:

I’m beginning to know how a sick person feels… hope it improves a bunch.


Mother’s generation, WWII, always told us that we’d get old, if we were lucky. Perspective matters.

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