Installation and Commissioning

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I am new to installation and commissioning and was wondering if anyone has a guide or a manual on the type of installing, testing and commissioning procedures for all site equipment that are generally connected with plc including, pressure, flow, temperature transmitters, flow control valves etc.


You’ve asked a very broad question that takes coursework in industrial instrumentation and years of experience to actually know what you are doing. That said, here are 3 big areas of concern:

1. Device Layouts
Where does all these devices go and what are their purpose, define interfaces

How does the PLC bring all this together? PLC architecture, Is there a standard Network used across majority of devices? PLC to PLC interface? Overviews Or HMI interfaces?

2. Installation
Define your install specs? How and what is used as your installation standard? Does it meet safety standards in your area and does the company that your providing them to has any defined standards? Do you have a go to install team?

3. Commissioning
Programs for each area
HMI tags interfaces defined
PLC to PLC checks
Checkout sheets for all IO, emergency safety checks, rate tests, functional defined checks?