Integrating acceleration signal


We are testing effect of accumulator in rock drill concept. We have mounted two tri-accelerometers in hydraulic hoses that feed the drill to capture the difference in acceleration/frequency, if any.
To my surprise, results were fairly same.

Now, I would be interested in position difference. Integrating signal directly gives garbage. I have tried spline interpolation with still garbage results. Signal appears to shoot way off the course. I do not have much experience in signal processing.

I have 5sec sample with 5kHz. Does someone have insight into this?


You need to high-pass filter your signal below anything of any interest. Even then the phase response of your filter may scupper you. I’ve seen this sort of (apparently good) idea end in tears many times before.

Above is a snippet.

@somptingguy, you have to love those engineering projects that start out with good ideas and wind up in tears. :)