Internet Browser

For the last week I’ve been using Brave browser and am really happy with it. It’s faster than Firefox and chrome and is quite intuitive and minimal. It catches most trackers. It’s really ‘slick’.

Gmail had a habit of logging you out if you left it for a few minutes… not, Brave. I can let my machine run over night and Gmail’s on board without logging in. That in itself was worth it.

In the course of a day I would often have 200 or so trackers that CCleaner would ‘weed out’… CCleaner now traps about 10 or 12.

Just to let you know… I’ve picked up my GMail directories and not lost any eMail… I’m going to try Claws Mail as my next eMail Ciient and store all my eMails and attachments locally.


Dik - I agree with you, started using Brave this past summer and it really works well. From what I have read, Brave is based on Chrome, but all the Google features, tracking, etc. have been stripped away. Web sites that I visit which automatically identify your browser see it as Chrome.

So, you’re not just part of the Sliderule era… I thought it was good enough to bring it to the attention of other simple engineers… and, I’m liking it more as I use it. A couple of sites it does’t work on so well… but slick and much faster. It loads in a blink on my machine.