Leadership training

How important is/would be leadership training to you? How important would it be to your subordinates? How does it weave into a lifetime of work and interactions with others? What would you like to see covered?

Thank you!

After having dodged it for ten years or so, I got sent on one of the Ashridge leadership programmes. A lot of it validated stuff I’d already learnt along the way - quite a bit of it also highlighted things I wasn’t (and ten years further on am still not) ready to let go of. Things that chimed with me:

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Career Anchors

I have some scheduled by my HR as I take a new position in the company I work for.
One of the parts, “Progressive discipline”, sounds like it could be… interesting.
Delivered in the time of Covid, it’s is 100% online recordings, with no direct personal instruction.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Progressive discipline is like having to water board someone and having to scupulously document the whole process.

Giving our professional opinions and defending them in a forum such as here is a part of leadership training and development. Feel free to participate!