Legal Stuff

The U.S steel mills and steel fabricators, under the banner of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), served notice of their intent to appeal the recent U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) decision that found the U.S domestic industry was not harmed by foreign imports of structural steel coming from Canada, Mexico and China. The CISC and the Canadian steel construction industry will vigorously participate in any appeal providing that the USITC was correct in their decision. The CISC expects that this process could last many years and could follow a similar process to previous battles with softwood lumber.


They never stop. Like the Terminator, the absolutely will not stop.
So I don’t agree with your topic title. It’s “political stuff” not “legal”.

The only thing that bothers me is their blather about “offshore peddlers” and being lumped in with China. They have the message finely tuned and always a congressman to listen.

I wonder if this fell off the political radar once everyone turned around to respond to real problems such as the virus rather than this made-up one.

I suspect that’s the case… just don’t know.